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                            Founded in 1993, our Xiniya brand is designed to project an image of successful executives and professionals who choose stylish and comfortable attire to suit a lifestyle that integrates business and leisure. We have developed product lines that we believe represent the career and lifestyle aspirations of our clientele. Our product lines are carefully planned to present a broad array of stylish and fashionable goods, with a particular emphasis on career wear and clothing that can be worn in both business and social settings

                            As an advocate for global business clothes, Xiniya makes contributions to expand and develop the culture of business travel. Xiniya has had a huge impact on men’s fashion in China due to its fashion, simplicity, elegance and suitability for leisure and commerce, proving it to be one of the best brands for men’s clothing in the domestic market


                            ”business culture road”
                            One、business rudiment(1900-1920 steamship navigation business culture)
                            Before Becoming a fashion brand,Xiniya keep designing for all other brands,and very care about the wearing performance.at the end of aidehua 7th,with the popularity of gentleman
                            Activity,Xiniya almost become the artery of travelling、outdoor waterproof、hunting and hiking garments.with the development and popularity of bicycle、motorcycle and car,gentleman started business and hiking trip with the Xiniya brand garments.Xiniya functional garment is very comfortable、waterproof、ventilated、abrasive,was very popular among the businessmen and travellers.
                            Second、Business trip era came
                            Stream vehicle was used worldwide,for the long way business trip,the train network was perfect,has taken place the horses,became the main vehicle on land.was very popular among the businessmen.After the first world war,the Europe economy boom up,the business relationship between each countries became close,Xiniya came out at this right time the cotton
                            business garment with special technic,resolved the wrinkle problem happen in
                            cotton garment,and used the fitting cut,brought great comfort to the
                            businessmen travelling in all the European countries.
                            Third、development of business trip(1939—1970 business trip culture of car cavalier)
                            Private Car became the common vehicle,meant the cavalier era came.after second world war,development of the science and peace of the political environment greatly promote the world economy, division of labor became very exquisite ,the relationship between each line became more and more close.at the same time,the big era background brought the business trip from long distance to short one,also the businessmen spreaded from patrician enterpriser, financier,banker to the senior manager of every lines. In order to fit the efficient life,the jerkin jacket with cavalier spirit became very popular among businessmen.Xiniya made use of the advantage of deerskin-soft、great ductibility and breathable and combined the design style of jerkin,designed the
                            garment for the business elite,greatly showing the
                            efficiency、ambition of the cavalier spirit,
                            was greatly loved by the businessmen.
                            Four、business trip boom up(1971—1995 business culture of voyage era)
                            Market became global made the mnc more and more, meant the new commercial era came.taking flight for business trip greatly save time and shorten the distance,the world like a same village.Xiniya acutely sensed the need of innovation in businessmen garment,she advocated to combine the commercial and casual function together in garment,brought italian enjoyment theory and enterprising spirit in the garment designing,soonly with the design inspiration of the third leader paul.aoduo,Xiniya promoted the V9 first-class flight trip series for the businessmen.”first-class”means fashion and luxury.taste the flight and enjoy the wearing of
                            “first-class V9”.Xiniya totally new “V9”T-shirt with LYCA
                            fabric has the name of “first-class”.
                            Xiniya became well-known
                            brand in Europe.
                            Five、business trip nowadays (1995—21 centry business trip culture of potable electron)
                            Wireless、internet and laptop break the need of space for work, stimulated the free-working style,now people depend more on the reliable garment,try to make the job better in the business trip.the key point is the function and flexibility of the garment.like the fictitious office and flexible working way-no matter if you are at home,business trip or in office.This flexibility require light and flexible garment,”commercial portable garment” came out at the right time,with the advantages of portable,easy wearing,and sport style,it greatly fit the changing role in the jobs nowadays,made the business elite keep decent and comfortable in wearing,so once again,Xiniya became the fashion symbol of the casual business trip .